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Something to remember when reading hair dye reviews is everyone experiences things differently. Everyone uses different shampoo, has a different shampooing technique, has a different hair type, etc.. There are lots of different things to consider! If you had a different experience with it, I wouldn’t be surprised. But here I go basically writing a review! Warning: ranty.


Oh boy. I’ve developed a theory: semi/demi-permanent dye (stain) that comes in a box crawls into your follicles and stays there forever until you cut your hair off. Seriously. Both of these very vivid colors are boxed and I am still dying over them – they just won’t come out! Now, Splat has a terrible reputation for fading immediately, and I’ve seen this with their blue. I was given a couple of boxes of Splat and tried them out, thinking I’d be disappointed. I absolutely was not. I’m not saying you should rush out and buy a box, cuz I’m pretty sure Lusty Lavender is their only successful product, and I was only happy with the lasting color until I wanted to dye over it and it refused to go away. I dyed brown over it, the purple showed through. I bleached it, it barely even changed shade! If you want purple hair forever, I recommend. However, it stains the hecking heck out of your bathroom. I’m still Mr. Cleaning it out. I should add though, even though it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t fade gracefully. Parts will be purple, parts will be pink, and parts will be the ugliest orange-pink you’ve ever seen in your life. This was after quite a while, though. It does last well.


Now as for Ion, everyone is a fan. As you should be! What vivid, vivid colors. I also tried the pink and was not disappointed. My friend and I both tried Sky Blue and just as it is with Splat, we are still trying to find a way to get rid of it. However, unlike Splat, this blue fades like a dream. It also stains the hecking heck out of your bathroom. I should learn to be less messy.


Ok now I am done with the actual dye review, here is how I did the halfsies:

Simple pigtails first, part your hair as well as you can from the back, I recommend you get someone’s help. Even with a mirror this can be difficult, and it will be basically permanent so you’ll want it to be done well. While your hair is in the pigtails, take a tint brush slab some of the first color in your hair right beside where your other color will be on the back of your head. The most difficult part about doing this hair color style is making sure you don’t put any of the wrong color on the wrong side, and that’s difficult because it’s at the back of your head. Once again, if someone else can do this for you, I really recommend it, but it’s not impossible to do on your own.

It’s good to go ahead and color right beside where your other color will be like I said is because when you’re coloring the rest and you’ve hit that wet spot of dye, you know not to go beyond that point. If you do, you’ll color the wrong side. I won’t tell you how to go about coloring the rest of your hair because I do it a silly way. I don’t pin up parts of my hair and do it part by part, I just rub it on in there wherever I see a white spot. This works for me because of my hair type and because I’ve done it many many times.

I very often color the underside of my bangs a different color than the rest, cuz I have cool swoopy bangs that make doing that look hecking awesome. Basically all you have to do for that is pull back your hair with a headband, and pull out a small portion of your bangs back to your forehead with a comb. This was easy for me cuz I have very very soft, thin hair. It might be less simple for a different hair type.

This was my first review/text tutorial ever so I hope it was comprehendible. Thanks guys.